Large Group Musical


  1. Eight (8) to sixteen (16) performers may participate.
  2. The musical theatre selection must come from a musical theatre production which has been written and produced for the musical theatre stage. Upon request, you must show proof of the origin of the source material.
  3. No medleys, screenplays, or Vegas style reviews are allowed. Each selection may contain dialogue and each participant must be actively involved in the musical selection.
  4. The performer MUST use non-vocal musical accompaniment which can be live or taped unless expressly written to be performed without musical accompaniment.  ANY voice on the accompaniment track, will result in disqualification.
  1. All material should be presented as if within the context of a full production.
  2. The performers may choose to dance without singing if that is in keeping with the context of the full musical.
  3. Not to exceed five (5) minutes.


  1. Sixteen (16) chairs and one (1) sturdy table will be provided.
  2. A music playback device will be provided, however attendees are encouraged to bring their own device for back-ups.
  3. A piano MAY NOT be available.
  4. You are limited to the furniture in the room