Student Directed Scenes


  1. The student director may select any scene from the list of plays designated by the State Board of Directors EXCEPT the musical theatre selections.
  2. The submitted prompt book must include, but is not limited to
  3. Thematic statement of the play
  4. Character summary: include relationships with each other and their surroundings, using the characters in the required scene
  5. Plot summary of the play
  6. Floorplan for the scene: provide a complete groundplan to a scale as you would stage it in full performance for that scene in the act that it occurs as it would be presented in the final production
  7. Copy of the designated scene with blocking notes and technical cues on the copy
  8. Only (1) one student may be the director. NO COLLABORATION.
  9. Student directors MUST choose performers who are participating in one other event at the district level.
  10. Be prepared to answer the following conceptual questions, for example: The playwright’s choice of title, tempo for this scene, use of line, shape, texture, color, and/or music to reflect mood and style.
  11. Time limit: five (5) minutes for the required uninterrupted performance. The remainder of the time is designated for justification and questions. The event shall not exceed ten(l0) minutes.
  12. A bibliography is required documenting all resources used. The event will be disqualified if no bibliography is presented.
  13. Participants are limited to 2-16 performers in the student directed scene.