Make-up Design

The Board of Directors of Florida Thespians voted to remove the list of titles the students can choose from for their technical events.

This was for a few reasons: It brings us closer in line with EdTA and their events so students can participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards (THESPYs) at the National level. It offers students a chance to find titles and themes that appeal to them. Finally, it gives students a chance to be inclusive in their play selection, so we can reflect our diverse student body in Florida.

The selected play must be published. Upon request, you must show proof of the origin of the source material.

Only ONE entrant may be involved in the design process and each design should be the student’s own work. No collaborations are allowed.

The student must select THREE SEPARATE characters from the INDIVIDUAL play and present an Instructional Face Chart and Color Photo (head shot) for each. Professional stage makeup (Mehron, Kryolan, or comparable.) is the preferred medium whenever possible.

Face Chart:

Use the BLANK face chart provided on the website printed on card stock. 

Face charts must show instruction and design for the makeup as if it were to be given to an actor for application. A full rendering is optional but instruction such as color, texture, lining & special effects placement, etc. are mandatory.


Photos of the completed makeup application may be 8 x 10 glossy/matte finish or may printed on card stock to match the face chart size. Regardless, the chart and photo should be centered and mounted neatly and the overall presentation should maintain a professional appearance.

Each face chart and corresponding photo should be mounted together on black display board that is 14” x 22” (This size provides the needed area to mount both pieces centered uniformly with a 2” border.) Only one set (chart/photo) per display board is allowed and display boards may not be mounted to any other surface. (Black foam-core is appropriate for display boards and this size will require modification of the standard sizes available. )

On the bottom right corner of each presentation board there should be a Title Block with the following information:

The Title Block should be 5” x 2”, typed and printed on card stock as in the above example and neatly attached to the presentation board. 

Show Title and Author

Character Name, Act and Scene

Designer’s (Student) Name and Troupe Number

Accompanying the design presentation should be a notebook containing the following:

✦ The designer’s concept statement (one paragraph) which supports the design choices.

✦ A typed, step-by-step instruction sheet which could be given to an actor for application purposes along with the aforementioned face chart.

(Note: These instructions should be simple to follow and free of technical jargon.)

✦ Script and research imagery that supports design choices should be included and may be used as a reference for the actor in the application process.

The designer must present a verbal justification of the designs. Note cards may be used.

Budgetary consideration will not effect adjudication.

The presentation will be five (5) minutes and the overall session will not exceed ten (10) minutes, including setup and Q & A.

Things to consider:

Does the design visually reinforce the mood, style, character and theme of the play?

Are face charts clearly labeled so an actor could apply this makeup?

Is the design justified by the script and your research?

Face Chart