Publicity Direction

The Board of Directors of Florida Thespians voted to remove the list of titles the students can choose from for their technical events.

This was for a few reasons: It brings us closer in line with EdTA and their events so students can participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards (THESPYs) at the National level. It offers students a chance to find titles and themes that appeal to them. Finally, it gives students a chance to be inclusive in their play selection, so we can reflect our diverse student body in Florida.

The selected play must be published. Upon request, you must show proof of the origin of the source material.



  1. The following materials are to be presented:
    1. poster design on 11 x 17 paper
    2. ticket design
    3. program design and full layout of no less than four pages
    4. two press releases: an information article and a feature article
    5. a proposal for a promotional project
    6. a budget for the publicity campaign and justification of expenses (Note: this budget may be designed for the publicity campaign of a high school, community theatre, or professional production. You are are asked to note which of the three you are designing. Your work will be judged on how you spend the money.)
  2. Computer aided design is acceptable.
  3. The student must present justifications of the designs. Note cards may be used.
  4. Only one student may be involved in the design. NO COLLABORATION.
  5. All artwork used must be the original work of the entrant.
  6. The event will not exceed ten (10) minutes. The student presentation is not to exceed five (5) of these ten (10) minutes.
  7. A bibliography is required documenting all resources used including but not limited to written and electronic sources. The bibliography must be in MLA style. The event will be disqualified if no bibliography is presented.