Costume Construction

Choice of Plays

The Board of Directors of Florida Thespians voted to remove the list of titles the students can choose from for their technical events.

This was for a few reasons: It brings us closer in line with EdTA and their events so students can participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards (THESPYs) at the National level. It offers students a chance to find titles and themes that appeal to them. Finally, it gives students a chance to be inclusive in their play selection, so we can reflect our diverse student body in Florida.

The selected play must be published. Upon request, you must show proof of the origin of the source material.


  • The student must fully construct one complete costume from neck to ankle. This costume must be for any main character in the chosen play.
  • Costumes must be an entirely original construction by the student. Store bought garments or embellishments made to stock costumes are not acceptable.
  • Only one student may be involved in the construction. NO COLLABORATION.
  • Any patterns may be used, but the cost must be considered within the given budget.
  • The costume must utilize at least three (3) different fabrics or trims. For example, a men’s costume may consist of a white shirt, black pants, and a grey vest. A women’s costume may consist of a dress with a lace collar and an apron or it may be a single gown with several trims.
  • Proof of acquisition of all materials used in the construction of the garment must be documented. The student must provide an itemized expense sheet and receipts as proof. This sheet must be mounted on the display board mentioned below.
  • In addition to the costume, each student will create a costume research collage. This may include environmental background pictures of the time period in which the play takes place, costume renderings, pattern envelopes, fabric swatches, etc.
  • The collage must be presented on a 20″ x 30″ black art board.
  • The board will be labeled in the following manner:

Upper Left hand corner: Name of show and author

Upper Right hand corner: Name of character, act, and scene Lower Right hand corner Student’s name and troupe number

  • The costume must be presented on a hanger so the judges may look at the garment both inside and out.
  • Do not wear the costume to the adjudication.
  • The event will not exceed ten (10) minut es. The student presentation is not to exceed five (5) of these ten (10) minutes.