1. All rules listed in the Individual Events General Rules apply.
  2. Two performers will receive a prompt from the judges’ table immediately following the student introduction (which ends with their troupe number.)
  3. Time will start once the prompt is in the actors’ hands.
  4. The students have up to 5 minutes to perform their improvisation-from the time they receive the prompt to the end of their performance.
  5. Any material that is not appropriate for a general audience (language, adult content, etc.) will be disqualified.
  6. The Timekeeper’s hand will go up at 4:45 as a visual warning for time.
  7. The scene ends when ‘time’ is called by the Timekeeper or when the actors call ‘scene.’ 


  1. Each room will be provided with five (5) sturdy, straight-backed, armless chairs, and one (1) table, which might not support standing weight. You are limited to this furniture for the event.


  • A very famous person mistakes a car thief for an Uber driver
  • A teacher has some great news for a nervous parent
  • The Big Bad Wolf has fallen in love with one of the Three Little Pigs
  • A reporter has an exclusive interview with the monster under your bed
  • A writer is confronted by their favorite character who has some notes for how their story should be told