1. All rules listed in the Individual Events General Rules apply.
  2. One to eight (1-8) performers may participate.
  3. No props or costumes are allowed.
  4. Theatrical makeup is not allowed.
  5. Lip syncing and/or audible sounds by the performer(s) are not allowed.
  6. Not to exceed five (5) minutes.
  7. There will be no lyrics or human vocal sounds in the musical accompaniment. 
  8. This pantomime must be the original creation of the student(s).


  1. Each room will be provided with eight (8) sturdy, straight-backed, armless chairs. You are limited to this furniture for the event. 
  2. Only one chair per performer may be used.
  3. A hard surface floor MAY NOT be available.
  4. The use of musical accompaniment or recorded sound effects is optional. A music playback device will be provided, however attendees are encouraged to bring their own device for back-up.