Each active Junior Thespian troupe is invited to produce a one act play to represent their school at their local District Festival each year. Qualifying one act plays may go on to perform at the annual Florida Junior Thespian State Festival.


  1. Entrees may come from published plays, original works, or cuttings from full length plays. Both musical and non-musicals are acceptable. Readers’ Theatre or Chamber Theatre pieces are not allowed.
  2. Only one entry per troupe at the District level is permitted. A one act play must receive an excellent or superior rating at the District level to be eligible as a State-selected play.
  3. Troupe directors must select material for festival that they would willingly perform in a public forum in their own districts and that is acceptable to their school principal. 
  4. There is a one-year performance moratorium on plays presented at the District and State Festivals.
  5. Proof of payment of royalties must accompany registration. Written permission for cuttings and/or original work must be included, if applicable.
  6. Each district will be able to showcase one (1) one act at the State Festival each year. 


  1. All Stock Set Pieces will be provided at the District and State Festival. If you wish to purchase or build any or all the stock pieces for your own rehearsal purposes, go to: 
  2. At the Festival, every troupe must use the Stock Set Pieces provided by the festival.
  3. The following Stock Set Pieces will be provided for use at District and State Festivals:

(2) 4’x8’ platforms, 1’-0” high

(2) 4’x4’ platforms, 1’-0” high

(4) 1’x1’ platforms, 1’-0” high

(2) 2′ unit steps (6” risers and 12” treads)

(2) 4′ unit steps (6” risers and 12” treads)

(2) 4′ ramp (rises to 1’-0”)

(2) 4’ pylons (1’-0” square)

(2) 6′ pylons (1’-0” square)

(2) 8′ pylons (1’-0” square)

(6) 16″x16″x16″ cubes-weight bearing

(1) 6′ standard folding table

(1) folded card table

(16) armless chairs

  1. NO additional furniture may be used (chairs, tables, hat racks, carts, trees, etc.). 
  2. A troupe may use and/or add props and set dressing (fabric pieces, cushions, lamps, rugs, books) as they wish. 
  3. Bring your set dressing, props, etc. with you to the Stage Manager meeting to be checked for approval by the District Chair/One Act Coordinator.
  4. An area will be provided for you to store your set dressing, props, etc. until your performance. Once your performance is over, you will need to take all items with you.


  1. The entire cast and crew may be on stage during the stage manager meeting (at a time to be announced prior to the Festival.) 
  2. The stage manager, light board operator, sound board operator, and troupe director should be present at the meeting.
  3. ONLY official troupe directors and registered cast and crew are permitted backstage. No chaperones are permitted backstage at any time.


  1. Following the Stage Manager meeting, troupe directors and their student stage managers may have 30 minutes to spike the stage using color-coded spike tape supplied by the Festival Staff. 
  2. During one act spike time, no set pieces or individual troupe items may be brought onstage.


  1. The Stock Set Pieces will be pre-set backstage. 
  2. Troupes may “move to the stage” any and all Stock Set Pieces they choose to use at “Five Minutes.” 
  3. Any and all Stock Set Pieces must be restored to the pre-set backstage location before “clear” will be called.


  1. The time limit for the one act performance is 40 minutes. 
  2. Troupes are also allotted 5 minutes to set the stage with the Stock Set Pieces and their own additional materials in full view of the audience. 
  3. Technical crew members and actors may also move to “places” at this time.
  4. No music, sound effects, or mood lighting may be used during this set up time. 
  5. The five minutes begins and ends at the direction of the One Act Coordinator. 
  6. The One Act Coordinator will confirm that the troupe is at places and announce “Troupe 8XXXX may begin” to start the play and official timekeeping. 
  7. “Clear” will be called when the entire set is moved back to the pre-set position and the actors have moved to the wings.


  1. Students must run all technical portions of the one act. 
  2. The student stage manager may call cues from backstage or a tech booth located front-of-house. 
  3. Each school must supply a student light crew member and sound crew member (if sound is used.) 
  4. All troupe directors are allowed to run sound/light boards for the one act event if they request this from the District Chair/One Act Coordinator and/or Junior Thespian Chair in advance and if the rented venue allows it. 
  5. The Sound and Light Plot for the venue will be provided to the state selected plays two weeks prior to the festival.


AT STATE: There will be 6 main areas of light: DSL/DC/DSR and USL/UC/USR; along with complete stage washes in two colors: one warm/one cool.

AT DISTRICTS: Stage Lighting will be provided based on the limitation of the available venue.


AT STATE: There will be a sound system to include a minimum of: one handheld microphone, a CD/MP3 player, and communications system (3 headsets.)

AT DISTRICTS: Stage Sound will be provided based on the limitation of the available venue.


  1. The use of smoke, fire, candles, fog effect, haze, or flame of any kind is prohibited. 
  2. No fly system or follow spot may be used. 
  3. An electrical outlet will be available stage left and stage right. 
  4. Properly rated extension cords must be provided by the troupe.


  1. No costumes or makeup may be applied before entering the dressing room. 
  2. Up to three designated adults may be present in the dressing room, but not in the backstage area during performance time. 


  1. The cast and crew must be the same that performed at District Festival. Extenuating circumstances should be referred to the Florida Junior Thespian Chair. 


  1. One act plays must be directed by the troupe director or a troupe member. 
  2. No troupe director may have communication with the performing troupe once the official performance time has begun.


  1. All one acts must bring six copies of their printed program to the Stage Manager meeting; these programs will be provided to the adjudicators.
  2. The program must list complete names of cast members and characters as well as crew and their positions. The program’s purpose is to frame the production for the adjudicators and to clearly identify individual students. 
  3. School names as well as advertisements may appear in the program. 
  4. Programs may be provided by the troupe to audience members at the performance.


  1. There will be a minimum of three judges at every level of competition: 2 judges in the house observing the actual performance and at least one judge to monitor all technical aspects. 
  2. Oral Critique will follow each play for cast/crew and troupe directors only. No other adults will be allowed in this area.


  1. Decisions of the adjudicators are final. 
  2. Adjudicators do not disqualify. Disqualifications will be the decision of the District Chair at the District level and the State Chair at the State level.