Junior Mainstages

Guidelines for Florida Junior Thespian Mainstage


TO APPLY, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK: https://forms.gle/apczqYicgDEPysp69

If the link does not work in your browser, please copy and paste into your search bar.

1. Troupes applying for Mainstage must have attended the last two Junior State Thespian

festivals; the director must have attended at least one festival in the last two years. 

2. Performances must be scheduled within the screening period of September 15, 2023

and November 5, 2023. No productions will be screened after November 5, 2023.

3. Your application must be submitted at least 14 days prior to your scheduled performance and NO LATER than October 6, 2023.

4. You must schedule at least two performances.

5. Tickets for adjudicators must be held and seats reserved for them. Please plan to hold at least two tickets per adjudicator screening your production. They may wish to bring a guest. 

6. Programs must be provided to the adjudicators and a digital copy of your program must be sent to the Mainstage Coordinator along with your submitted production photos.

7. The troupe director MUST provide a telephone number for a phone they will have access to on the day/evening of the performance being adjudicated. Should the adjudicators have any issues, we MUST be able to reach you. 

8. If selected, your production must include the same script, cast, costumes, and set that was screened at your home venue. 

9. You will provide production photos to be submitted digitally for use at the Mainstage selection meeting. These photos are due one week after the close of your production and will be used at the selection meeting and for a slideshow presentation at the State festival. 

10. The run time of the performance may not exceed two hours including intermission. If you are presenting a cutting of a full-length play, you must include—with your application—written permission from the playwright or licensing company. Please realize that at the discretion of the Florida State Junior Thespians leadership, your presentation at the State festival may eliminate intermissions.

11. If selected, you will receive load-in information from the Mainstage coordinator and technical director.

12. Any adult staff included as crew for setup, execution, or strike of the chosen Mainstage MUST be registered as a delegate of the festival.

13. The application fee is $600.00.  Mainstage application checks should be mailed to:
Tara Whitman, Florida Junior Thespians Chair
P.O. Box 784539

Winter Garden, FL 34778

Please note that your application will not be processed until your fees have been received. 

14. If selected, you will be informed of the committee’s decision following the selection meeting in November.  Your adjudicator responses will be sent to you digitally. 

15. All questions, concerns, and requested supporting material should be directed to the Florida State Junior Thespian Festival Mainstage Coordinator at mainstages@floridathespians.com.