University of Memphis

3745 Central Ave, Memphis, TN, 38152

Mr. Jacob Allen,

Program Description

The Department of Theatre & Dance at the University of Memphis fosters the development of our students on an individual basis. We tailor our program to your needs. We offer dynamic performance, design, and production opportunities both in the classroom and in our four performance spaces. We also create an intimate community for intense one-on-one learning opportunities. Our faculty nurtures the individual progress of each student. We offer the opportunity for students to explore a range of areas within the theatre or a specialization in only one.

Degree/s Offered

We offer a BFA in Theatre with concentrations in performance, musical theatre, dance, dance science and design and technical production as well as an MFA in Theatre with concentrations in directing and design and technical production.

History of School/ Department

Theatre had its beginnings in the English Dept. in 1929, which makes us one of the longest continually performing theatre organizations in the city. In 1949, the Dept of Speech and Drama was organized, and “dedicated to present the living theatre in worthwhile plays of past and present.” The two-person Department produced and directed five plays a season, in addition to a summer program that consisted of a full-length play and a series of one-acts. In 1952, the Department began its community outreach with student performances in schools and civic clubs. Five years later, the faculty had increased to three, and Memphis State College became Memphis State University. In 1964-65, an M.A. degree was first offered, and a year later a new home was established in the present building, In 1970, the Dept produced the first University production of the controversial musical, HAIR. In 1973 the M.F.A. degree was instituted. Ten years later the Dance area was incorporated, and in 1995 the Department of Theatre & Dance was established at the U of M.

Scholarships/ Assistantships Offered

We have several full and partial scholarships available.

Brief Description of Facilities

Our facilities consist of a 312-seat convertible proscenium, a flexible 90-seat studio space, a flexible 90-seat lab space, and two dance studios. We also have fulling operating shops and a Design Lab.