The Florida Thespian 100 Hour Play Festival

We are very excited to be premiering a 10 Minute Play Festival as the centerpiece of the festivities on closing night of the Florida Thespian State Festival this year! Each District will create an ensemble of their choosing. Each District will designate a Troupe Director in the district to oversee the group, named the “District Ensemble Leader”. It is up to each district how they wish to assemble their Ensemble, but all participants must be registered delegates for the State Festival. The Ensemble and Ensemble Leader from each district should be determined prior to arrival at the festival.

Upon Arrival at the Festival:
This District Ensemble Leader will randomly draw a “theatrical style” from a basket for their mini-play when they arrive at State Registration. At that time, Ensembles will also be provided required “elements” that must be incorporated into the play: Character Name, Prop, and Line.
District Ensembles will have 100 (approx) hours from the time registration opens on Tuesday night until they perform their 10 minute plays Saturday night for the general festival delegation.

Throughout the Week:
We are providing a rehearsal space with stock scenery in the TCC, and each district may sign up for times to rehearse their mini-plays on a digital sign-up. Ensembles are not limited to these rehearsal times, and are encouraged to find other rehearsal space and time throughout the week.
Seating for these 10 minute plays will be set in the round, and stock scenery will be provided (no Ensemble will be permitted to load-in additional scenery, but props/ costumes are permitted and encouraged). The ‘required prop’ for all plays will be provided.

Saturday (The day of the show, y’all) :
Saturday morning of the festival, the Ensemble Leaders will meet at registration to select their performance times for Saturday Evening.
All Ensembles will be permitted time to load-in any props needed for their plays (within festival guidelines) at 6:00pm Saturday evening at the TCC.
The first performance will begin at 7:00pm, and run on a schedule of 10 minutes of performance and 10 minutes to set up for the next play.

Guidelines :
● Ensembles can be made up of any Thespian registered and in attendance at the State Festival. Many districts are using the all-star cast from their one act festivals, but this is not required. (Each District Ensemble must involve
students from multiple troupes).
● Plays have a strict 10 minute time limit. Lights will be brought up and the play stopped at 10 minutes.
● The given “elements” provided at Registration must appear in the play.
● NO PROP GUNS or WEAPONS allowed in the performance.
● Asterisks must be announced before the start of your play.
● There will be minimal theatrical lighting.
● There will be minimal Sound capabilities (aux cord and PA Speakers)
● No IEs will be rescheduled to make time for Ensemble rehearsals.
● Groups will draw their “Type” of theatre upon arrival that the festival. If they do not like that type of theatre they can return it and draw a wild card. Wild cards cannot be exchanged. Groups are encouraged to research this year’s styles to be familiar with them before the festival.
● There will be stock set pieces that will be used by all group and will remain in the room which includes the
○ (2) 4’x8’ platforms, 1’-0” high
○ (2) 4’x4’ platforms, 1’-0” high
○ (4) 1’x1’ platforms, 1’-0” high
○ (2) 2′ unit steps (6” risers and 12” treads)
○ (2) 4′ unit steps (6” risers and 12” treads)
○ (2) 4′ ramp (rises to 1’-0”)
○ (2) 4’ pylons (1’-0” square)
○ (2) 6′ pylons (1’-0” square)
○ (2) 8′ pylons (1’-0” square)
○ (6) 16″x16″x16″ cubes-weight bearing
○ (1) 6′ standard folding table
○ (1) folded card table
○ (16) armless chairs

Types/styles for 2020 :
Upon arrival at State Registration, the District Ensemble Leader will select randomly from a basket one of the following theatrical styles. We recommend having your district team familiar with several, if not the majority of these styles prior to arrival: (Ensemble teams are strongly encouraged to attend workshops throughout the week that may add to their
creative process for their style).

Rock Opera


Commedia Del Arte


“Simonesque” Comedy

Elizabethan Tragedy




Murder Mystery

Epic Theatre

Theatre of Cruelty


Realism Puppet

Theatre (any style of puppetry)

All performances on Saturday night of the 100 hour play festival will be open to the festival delegation in possession of “Saturday Night” wristband on a first come- first served basis for each of the 10 minute shows. Tickets will be available starting Saturday morning outside of registration for admission to view hour time slots, and there will be a rush line 2 available. Once an audience is seated, they will not be permitted to exit during a performance. Once a ticket holder leaves a seat it will be filled with a rush ticket holder.

Printable version of rules