Florida School of the Arts

Songs for a New World

5001 St Johns Avenue, Palatka, FL

Victoria Sanders, victoriasanders@sjrstate.edu

Program Description

Florida School of the Arts is dedicated to the premise that
both intense, individualized instruction and practical “hands-on”
experience are essential to the full development of a student’s
creative abilities. As part of public education in the state, Florida
School of the Arts provides comprehensive artistic training
appropriate to each student’s talent, enabling each student to
acquire the knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the chosen
arts discipline required for employment in the arts profession.
Students receive professional art instruction and rigorous training
from the beginning of enrollment. As a professional arts school,
Florida School of the Arts provides a learning environment in which
students are expected to adhere to standards of professionalism
and academic excellence.

Degree/s Offered

Associate of Science degrees in Acting, Dance Studies, Dance Performance, Musical Theater, Scenic/Lighting Design & Technology, Costume Design & Technology, Stage Management, and Stage Technology

History of School/ Department

Florida School of the Arts, established in 1974 by the Florida
State Board of Education, specializes in preparing students for
successful careers in visual and performing arts.

Scholarships/ Assistantships Offered

Departmental Scholarships, State Scholarships & Work Study positions are available.

Description of Facilities

Located on the Palatka campus of St. Johns River State College, the newly renovated Florida School of the Arts performing arts facilities includes a 480-seat auditorium fully equipped scene and costume shops, a music theory lab, two dance studios, a stage management lab, and a studio theater. In the visual arts, the school includes a fine art gallery, painting studio, photography studio, darkroom facilities, printmaking studio, a 3D lab which includes woodworking, welding, and ceramics capabilities, and also a fully outfitted Mac computer lab.