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Brenna Castagna,


Digital Theatre+ is an interdisciplinary resource that can help your students bridge the gap of learning loss and engage students in-person, hybrid, or virtual learning environments. Our digital platform helps to mitigate the disruption that your students’ education has experienced because of Covid-19 and therefore is a suitable expense when utilizing the CARES Act ESSER II Fund. Supporting learners of all abilities, students are able to engage with both rich audio-visual and written materials to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding for Theatre and ELA. With a subscription to Digital Theatre+, you’ll be able to access reliable and flexible education tools aligned to your state standards to keep students motivated at home and in school. All on one easy-to-use platform. 


Digital Theatre+ Brochure – an overview of Digital Theater+, what’s included, how it works, culturally relevant resources, standards alignment for Theatre and ELA, and more.

Free Trial Access – Sign up for a free trial of Digital Theatre+ today!

Teaching with DT+ Inside the Classroom – Alesha, Head of US Schools for DT+, shares activities and exercises for both acting and technical theatre which supports the Florida NGSSS for Theatre. 

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